Sunshine Blogger Awards!! #help #sunshine #bloggers

Here I thought that everyone might need a little sunshine on these gloomy days (even if it is sunny out… it still FEELS a little gloomy!)

This tag is 2 years old… YIKES!! Have I been slacking THAT BADLY?! Time to get back on the horse. All I can say, is that the last couple of years have been a little crazy. Every time I try to get back in the game, life throws everything it can at me… INCLUDING A DAMNED PANDEMIC!! (Sorry, everyone. I take the rap for this one! My bad.) But, screw fate. We’ll all make it through this, and I want everyone out there to know, that I’M HERE FOR YOU!! These are trying times and everyone out there needs to remember that “social distancing” doesn’t mean being lonely. It doesn’t mean dealing with depression alone because you can’t reach out to anyone.

Anyone can feel free to chat with me at any time at 

Now, on to some sunshine!

Thank you to Irina @ Dunken Anime Blog for nominating me for this one!

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated me for this.
  • Answer the questions that has been mentioned in the post
  • Post my set of questions for my nominees to answer
  • Nominate users for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award


If you could say anything to one person and be guaranteed they wouldn’t remember it the next day, what would it be? (Extra points if you say to whom…)

Yikes, Irina… did anyone actually answer this?! LMAO!! This is dangerous territory.

There is someone in my life right now who needs an intervention. They take everything on themselves to the detriment of themselves and others. Doing too much and not letting others help is actually hurting more than it’s helping. This person is at the point where they may fall apart, and rightfully so. But, they won’t let anyone help. They won’t just fall apart and let people who love them pick up the pieces. Sometimes falling apart is the only way to heal and put yourself together in an even stronger way.

Typing this in a vague way made me realize how many people in my life could think this is directed at them. I’m purposely going to withhold any names because, if you think this is directed at you… reach out to me. I’m here for you. THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE FOR YOU!

Sorry for the serious nature of this post. You all know that I’m not normally such a serious person! But, I needed people to know that I DO care…. Now, enough of that sentimental crap! Stay tuned for a review and drink recipe!!

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    1. Ha ha! Thanks, Kim! I’m usually the biggest pessimist in the world… Funny that in these times, I feel like I’m the most optimistic out of anyone!! You never know what a pandemic will do to the mind frame! And, I couldn’t believe this tag was 2 YEARS OLD!! What have I been doing with my time?! 😅 (she says from behind her bar at work… 🙄😜)

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