But I Digress… A Cleaning Quandary

So, I had people over yesterday, and I’m sure you’ve all had to suffer through this, you clean all day; mopping and scrubbing.


People come in and it’s just a frenzy! People are dropping food on your newly mopped floor, they’re wandering in with shoes on, they’re defiling your newly scrubbed bathroom… Why do we do it??


making a mess

I almost feel like next time I’ll go the Italian mother route, but instead of putting plastic on the furniture.. I’m going to put it on EVERYTHING!!


Yes. People may think that they’ve just entered Dexter’s kill room… But, at least things will stay CLEAN!!

Anyone have any other, less insane, ideas??

13 thoughts on “But I Digress… A Cleaning Quandary

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      1. This is true… you did ask for less insane ideas… I definitely did not accomplish the goal. At least you know you have options even within that tier of crazy? I’m grasping at straws here… excuse me while I go try one of your drinks. It is Friday after all!

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