Hail to the King, Baby!



So, out having a parental unit visit tonight, My dad pulled out this bottle of Clan Campbell Noble Scotch Whisky and I just had to share it, since it is my Namesake!

It’s history seems a little muddled..  it is a blended scotch (very smooth!) Distilled by Muir Mackenzie & Co. and for its price point it’s very nice for  a nightly sipping whisky for something smooth,  not overly fancy and expensive, but with nice flavour.

I needed to post this for the book review to follow tomorrow. I was drinking this tonight and even though I had a “best served with” already planned for the overall feel of the my new book,  I had to add this is for honourable mention!

“As the limo pulled around the corner of the building a lone man sitting on the ground caught Shatner’s eye. He wore a t-shirt with Bruce Campbell in the Army of Darkness movie poster pose on the front. He held a cardboard sign with the crude, hand-written message: “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! Don’t follow the False Messiah!”

So, I just needed to say.. for the Campbell’s,

Here’s to you Bruce!


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