Thank you!! Liebster Award Nomination


I’d really like to thank Meg over at Culmination heaven for nominating me!! Go check out her book reviews

How did you get started blogging?

I started doing some ARC reads and editing for some authors I had met on Goodreads and realised that I loved doing it, so I figured that branching out and networking a little more would help me find other Authors to work with.

If you could meet anyone, dead, alive or fictional, who would it be?

DAVID BOWIE!!! Lol! I’ll probably regret my answer because there are definitely many MANY fictional characters that I would LOVE to meet! …. But, there are so many to choose from that none spring immediately to mind. But, David Bowie was the love of my life and I would have LOVED to meet him… So very sad…

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Well, I definitely have to say super speed… not for any normal reason like being able to get places fast, but because I want to be able to read faster. Lol! I read pretty fast now, but imagine with super speed!! I could read 50 books a day!!

What do you consider your biggest weakness?

Organizing my time… It’s funny because I’m so good at it at work, but then it comes to my own time and I think I just get overwhelmed with how many things I want to do…

What do you wish someone had told you before you started blogging?

I wish I had learned more about the workings of social media. Lol! I know most people won’t understand, or believe this.. but, I’m in my 30’s and was not on any social media (well.. Goodreads. But, that’s it) until about 2 months ago when I started this blog… *Audible Gasp from the Audience* I know… IT’S UNHEARD OF!! I have just in the last 2 months finally joined Facebook *shudder* , instagram and my blog and I’m STILL trying to figure it all out!! I just learned the wonder of the #(hashtag) YESTERDAY!!! Until then, it was always a Pound sign to me! Lol! So, needless to say, It’s been a wild ride… and it probably wasn’t the best idea to start it all in the crazy busy Holiday Season… But, such is life!

What is your life motto?

I’d have to take a page from Oscar Wilde on this one and say “Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken.” Truer words are never spoken. If we can’t be ourselves… then, what’s the point?!?!

How would you describe yourself using only 4 words?

Weird, Strange, Abnormal, Odd. …Guess I could have done that in one.

If you had the chance to learn anything you wanted, what would it be?

Everything!!! (if it’s one word, then it’s one thing…right?) If I could, I would literally move to a cabin in the woods with stacks upon stacks of books and just learn for the rest of my life…. ah, to dream.

If you could vacation with one person anywhere in the world, where you go and who would you take?

We’ll, I guess I will say that I would choose my man… Because he will possibly read this and would be sad if I chose someone else 😉 but, I really live travelling with him. We always have so much fun. As for where we would go?… I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

To just breathe. Sometimes you can’t control the bad things that will happen in your life and sometimes you can’t help but get overwhelmed. People can always wait. Take a moment. Take a breath.

Here are the rules:

Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, provide the link to their blog.
Include award graphic.
Answer the questions provided.
Create a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
Nominate 5-11 upcoming or recently followed bloggers and share your post with them so they see it

Now, I always hate nominating people for these things because I love all of the blogs I follow so much! (as evident from a lot of my lack of time management answers because half the time I should be thinking of my own blog, but instead I get busy reading and commenting on everyone else’ blogs! Lol!) So, if you like my questions then YOU’VE BEEN NOMINATED!! And I really appreciate you all and would love to read all of your answers! Actually, please comment below if you’re going to fill these out so I can make SURE that I pop over and check them out!! Plus, I really like the questions and would really be interested in all of your answers!

  1. What are 5 words of phrases that make you laugh?
  2. What are 5 ways to win your heart?
  3. What is something you’ve always thought “…. What if?” about?
  4. What are 5 of you pet peeves?
  5. If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who would it be, and why?
  6. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  7. What is your favourite joke?
  8. Where would you go if you were invisible?
  9. What is one thing you own that you wish you didn’t?
  10. What is a weird habit that you have?

10 thoughts on “Thank you!! Liebster Award Nomination

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  1. Don’t feel bad about your late arrival to social media. I was way later than you! And it does have a way of taking over your life, so be careful! Your comment about living in a cabin with mounds of books made me think of the George Martin quote: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That is a fantastic quote! And I refuse to put Facebook on my phone for that reason. I have to be home to look at anything… Although, I haven’t really got in to that one. Instagram is my downfall.. Who doesn’t love pictures?? Lol! And you were nominated, so feel free to answer the questions and pass on the love! 💓 I hate naming names because anyone who reads my blog (even people who aren’t following me) are all so important! (plus, I liked my questions and want to read a whole bunch of responses to them!) 😉

      Liked by 2 people

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