Game On!! Bears vs Babies

What is this?

This is a card game
where you build monstrous bears
who eat horrible babies.

It was made by the same intelligent and attractive
people who brought you Exploding Kittens.


Well, this is a SUPER simple game!! You literally pick up cards, if it’s a BABY card then you put it in its BABY ARMY where you will eventually have to fight it, if it’s a MONSTER card then you try to play it to build your MONSTER making it as strong (and hilarious) as possible so when you decide to call a fight against the BABIES you have a chance!! So, go forth and build your “BEAR” MONSTER ARMY….

This game was SO HILARIOUS!!! It’s simple and I think that I would eventually want expansions to keep it fresh because eventually you would get all of the hilarious monster parts paired up and it would be less funny (they do say that there are expansions available) but here are just a couple of the hilarious Monsters we managed to create to fight our evil babies!!


So, if you want a hilariously dumb game that won’t be too difficult (and will probably even be BETTER) with copious amounts of drinking?? This is pretty much it!!


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