Music Monday: Merry Christmas, From Chiron Beta Prime!!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Music Monday hosted my Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and to those who are celebrating....   So, I'm going to do this week a little differently, since it's Christmas Eve for a lot of folk out there. I'm going to share the... Continue Reading →

But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 3: Do you Have Any Holiday Traditions?

I promise that this is the last one, but I had to put this post up after binge watching WAY TOO MANY Hallmark movies (even though there is no such things as too many!). This is a strange Holiday Season for me... New job, my parents have moved away, etc. So, it doesn't look as... Continue Reading →

Merry Hanukkah by Debby Caruso

4 out of 5 Stars I won this awesome book through a giveaway on Jennie Reads.Thanks so much to Jennie and Debby, THIS IS THE FIRST THING I'VE WON!! Synopsis Meet Rhonda, a semi-neurotic ad agent and Christmas fanatic, who decides she's going to make a fabulous Hanukkah celebration for her new husband James and... Continue Reading →

The Twelve Days of Christmas… Day 7

Book the Seventh: 3.5 out of 5 Stars Need something to heat you up on these cold winter nights?? Well, I may have a suggestion! This book is a nice steamy read for the Holiday Season! Colbie Albright was running away from New York City. Her family, her responsibilities and her writers block. As famous... Continue Reading →

December Holiday Reading Challenge!!

Hi All!! I've started a December Holiday Reading Challenge Thanks to Kristie from the Goodreads Book Club "The Perks of Being A Book Addict"  I figured I would post the challenge here so It will explain my review choices for the month SO YOU CAN ALL JOIN IN! So, here's how it goes! Rules:  ✒︎ You... Continue Reading →

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