Happy National Lager Day!!

It’s National Lager today! So, obviously I’m going to feature a Lager! I was going to pair it was a wonderful book that I’m reading

should the tent be burning

Well, due to some unforeseen circumstances I have been unable to complete the book, so instead I’m going to drink my lager


And send some of my favourite quotes from the book out into the universe with a full review to follow. But first. I need you all to get your favourite Lager to drink with the rest of this. It’s okay, I’ll wait……………You got it? (If you did, comment below to let me know what Lager you chose!)

I am really loving this book so far! Written by Field and Stream writer Bill Heavey it is all short stories of his various travels to catch Steelheads:

“By this point Mickey had tired of telling people I was an outdoor writer. His story was that, despite looking like a middle-aged bald guy, I was actually a Make-A-Wish kid with one of those premature aging diseases who wanted to catch a steelhead before what would be his eleventh and, tragically, final, birthday. Mikey said that it was his mission to make that happen.”

Hunting Deer:

“I note a faint odor of decay in the car and wonder if an unfinished sandwich from the recent past is out for revenge. A Jackson Township police cruiser rolls past, the cop slowing to eyeball me. As always, any distraction from my quest fills me with indignation. Yes, I am sitting in a parked car at night wearing long underwear with a green light on my forehead. You got a problem with that? Evidently I look too whacked to be a real criminal, and the cruiser rolls on.”

“And this year features a special wrinkle: a bumper crop of mast exceeding any in local memory, acorns and nuts two layers thick even in the town parking lots. A deer can feed all day and scarcely have to turn its head. No matter. I am possessed of an attribute that surpasses all others: deranged perseverance.”

And Learn the subtleties of shooting various birds:

“Shooting a shotgun accurately is the easiest thing in the world if you remember two things. First, you must never “aim” the gun. You especially shouldn’t look at the bead at the end of the barrel, which was apparently put there to tempt you into using it. Nothing makes you miss so predictably as aiming. Second-to the extent that you do aim, which, as you know, you shouldn’t-it’s paramount that you try to miss the target. Unless you are shooting at empty air, you’ll never hit anything.”

“And while I have shot poorly for so long that improvement seemed unlikely, I would like to miss with a bit more style.”

Well, off I go to enjoy more Lovely Lagers!!!


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