Star Wars… The Saga Continues Part 2

If you missed Chapter 1 of the story feel free to catch up here.


Admoral Sonaz Takyeesh stood looking at the readouts of each planet in the system, trying to choose the first one to go. I want to start small and work my way up to Corscant, he thought allowing himself a tight lipped smile, then returning to the screen ahead. Suddenly the door slid open behind him and a pair of arms trapped him in a tight embrace and a female voice spoke,

“Have you chosen a system yet?” Takyeesh turned his head.

“Not yet.” He said, a bit more strain in his voice than he would have liked. The woman behind him must have noticed that strain for her eyes took on a look of deep concern and he noticed that her blonde hair looked unkempt and dishevelled.

“Why don’t you pick a system Cray? And after we wipe it out we could take it over and rule it together.”

Cray had been stuck on the Star Destroyer “The Eye of Palpatine” until she had been rescued by Takyeesh and his crew just before it had been blown, and for that she had a life debt to him, even though she may have been better off dying there. Now she looked down at the screen with her cool, clear blue eyes. She’s so beautiful, he thought. Even after all she’s been through… His thoughts were cut short by Cray’s exhausted voice, which to Takyeesh was as beautiful as a song. She’s more cheerful than usual, must be the taste of revenge and war.

“How about the Nyorror system?” she asked, looking at him for consent.

“Yes,good idea.” he purred, delighted that she had found the perfect system to go first. “There is not much there. But enough, of course, to cause some trouble.”

He smiled slightly. “Yes… Trouble…” he murmured to no one in particular.

“Shall I call Captain Reese? Cray asked.

” Yes. Tell him to assemble the strike team. ”

” Yes, my love. “The words came out hollow in her ears, my love? What am I thinking? She didn’t remember her life before the Admiral had found her in” The Eye of Palpatine”. There was an empty void in her life, a feeling that she was missing something… Someone? She didn’t know, all she knew is that that she felt a part of her was missing and all there was in its place was coldness, sadness and… Anger.

She was angry at herself for not remembering her old life, but she was also angry at something else, someone who had chosen another over her. Was it the someone who had been so close to her and who had felt such love for her in life?

What she did remember was waking up in the arms of her saviour, Sonaz Takyeesh, and feeling a love she had felt only once before, UT she knew the last time she had felt it, it was real. This time she came to realize that it wasn’t love at all,mkre like deep gratitude.

Then she had felt relief. Not for herself, but for someone else, and the name. Yavin came to mind. A system? A planet? A person? She couldn’t be sure. But she knew with all of her heart that person (people?) had been a very important part of her life.

Images race through Cray’s head, Images of what? She asked herself. She didn’t know.

Frustrated, she banged her fist on the side of the chamber, keep your mind on the ahead, she told herself, forcing herself ahead and pushing the image to the back of her mind, but still there was something… Cray silently resolved to find out what that something was and to defeat this difficulty.. Forever.


Back at her room, Cray sat down in a chair and faced the read out screen that helped her keep track of what was going on in the other systems.

She decided to look up the word “Ya in” that seemed to mean so much to her. She recited the word to the computer who started clicking through some data until it locked on the topic that was of interest to Cray.

On the screen flashed a beautiful, picture of a luxurious green planet, her eyes widened in amazement as the picture flooded her mind.

She had worked hard in this place, had she been a slave? But… No. The work she had done at this place had been hard, but enjoyable. (Had it?) Where were these memories coming from? She was about to type into. The computer to get the coordinates, when suddenly the screen went blank.

Cray looked in confusion at the now dark screen before her and the gave a cry of despair. She had been so close to finding out who she really was! But, she wouldn’t let anything stand in her way. Who was trying to stop her from finding out about her past?


Takyeesh closed his eye and leaned forward so his chin rested in his hands. He thought about how crushed Cray must be.

“I’m sorry, my love,” he whispered into the darkness. “But, even though you wouldn’t believe me, it was for your own good.”


Luke sat in the darkness meditating. He didn’t know why, but while he had seen a picture of his students he had seen a picture in his mind. He couldn’t remember what it had been since he had only caught a glimpse of it.

He sat in silence trying to conjure up the memory, when suddenly it hit him. He took in his breath sharply and felt as though a blaster bolt had hit him. It was Cray. She was tapping on the keys of a computer somewhere. He tried to see what she was writing and couldn’t, but a big picture flashed on the screen. Cray stared in surprise at the picture of Ya in. She started tapping in the keys again, but suddenly the screen went blank. A look od despair washed over her as she stated at the never ending blackness of the computer screen.

Luke’s eyes flashed open. Then he jumped up and turned on the lights.

“Cray? Alive?” He stood up. And started pacing the room. How could this be? She gave her life for Callista. Luke suddenle felt a pang of loneliness, a hurt that was still fresh as he remembered that Callista was gone. He could still feel the hurt she felt when she realized she could no longer use the Force.

Then he remembere she had we looking up information on the planet that he was on! Was she remembering her past? Or had she remembered all along? But, then why hadn’t she returned? Luke’s head was quickly fulling with questions to which he had no amswers. He was confused. and wondering how he had seen what she was doing? Was it through the computer? Because she called up the picture of the planet, and that had connected her to him for that minute? He didn’t know, but he hoped it would happen again.

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    1. I might have to base it on something else at this point. Ha ha! At that point in my life I was reading A LOT of Star Wars fiction…. Like, A LOOOOOT!!! I mean, everything written. Now, I haven’t read a Star Wars book or really even seen much Star Wars because Gearoge Lucas killed it for me with the prequels…

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  1. I do remember Palpatine! You’ve captured the intros with “Back at the…”

    As for as copyright, I bet she didn’t even realize you were 12. She probably thought you were some 30 year old nerd fan (which is adorable, must add) and she was told to squelch any copycats… cuz who could resist 12 year old Nicole sipping on her alcoholic beverage of the day while telling stories about stars in the sky and war in the universe. I’m hoping that’s what it’s about, too.

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