Star Wars-Battle at Yavin THE THRILLING CONCLUSION!!

Hello all!! Welcome back for the “thrilling” conclusions to “The Battle at Yavin”! (Just remember, I was reading this a long with you all….so, forgive me. Ha ha!! I WAS 12!

Anyways, if you need to play some catching up, feel free to do so… I’ll wait.







Now on to the Conclusion of our tale!! (I SWEAR!!)


Back on the Super Star Destroyer, Cray made her way stealthily to the door of the chamber where they were keeping Luke. The door opened as she approached it and she entered the room. The man in the room was sitting in a chairwith his back to her but Cray could sense who it was,

“Takyeesh. ” She said keeping her voice level, “What have you done with Skywalker?”

The f igure in the chai r turned and Takyeesh favoured her with one of his bright smiles,

“I knew you were getting to close t o discovering your past and then when I realized how strong Skywalkers powers were I realized bringing him was a bad idea. He’s being taken away to be, shall I say, put to sleep… permanently.”

Cray jeered at him, “Thanks for the info.” she said in a fake sweet tone. Then there was a flash of light and Takyeesh slumped to the floor, “Thanks alot.” Cray said as she returned her blaster to its holster at her side and ran out of the room.


Luke wasn’t worried. Even as he was being led to his death by the two burly guards he knew that he could leave at any moment. He only stayed be cause he felt Cray following close by. In a few minutes he would be free.

Then the moment came. They reached the doorway where Cray was hiding and the ambush struck. The two guards were enveloped with light that had enough strength to hurl them against the wall, in front of which they were standing.

“Nice timing,” Luke said with a smile. But, Cray just turned and hurried down the hall, “I know where we can get a ship!” she yelled over her shoulder just as the sirens began. They reached the Bay door. Luke turned to Cray as she fiddled to get the code to open t he door,

“What do those sirens mean?” He asked worridly.

Cray replied without looking up, “It means we’re under attack so we have one minute to get out before we’re blown to smitherines.” The doors hissed open.

Luke’s smile vanished and as he rushed through the door after Cray he replied, “Oh. Is that all.”


The New Republic fleet had arrived with Admiral Akbar in command. As they approached the Super Star Destroyer they wondered how long this was going to take, and how many of them would get out alive.


Luke had the impending sense of deja vu as he sat in t he cockpit of the cramped little ship with Cray. MY VISION! Luke realized, we ‘re going to ;et caught in the blast when this ship explodes if we don ‘t hurry!

“Cray, why is this ship going to be destroyed so easily?” He asked cautiosly.

Cray glanced up at him before returning to her work of flying the ship,

“Because I turned off the shields.”

Luke had to s mile at this remark, well, at least she the same old Cray,

“Well, I suggest we hurry. Fast.”

“Luke.” Cray said quietly, Luke noticed that Cray was looking out the windows. He followed her gaze and realized that all of t he New Republic ships were powered up and ready to fire, I don’t think we have time.” Cray whispered as the first shot lanced out .

On Yavin 4 the young Jedi Knights could do nothing but wait. The shots were all damaging the Super Star Destroyer, and they all waited for that last shot that would cause it to explode.

Then something unexpected happened. The Suoer Star Destroyer burst into hyper speed and disappeared. The Jedi Trainees were awe struck. They hadn’t won. The Empire would live and the only thing they could do contiue their training and wait for the battle.


Luke and Cray sat in disappointed silence,

“I can’ t understand it.” Cray murmured shaking her head silently.

“It’s simple . Luke replied, “Takyeesh was better in command then we both thought and was able to get things together in time.”

Cray looked up, and overpronouncing her words as though she herself couldn’t believe they were true said, “Takyeesh is dead.”

Surprised, Luke asked, “Then who…” But he let his words drift it was clear that whenever they got rid of one warlord, another would take their place and luke realized, They had won the battle, but not the war.

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    1. Ha ha! Well, the point of this story was that I was sticking it to the MAN (George Lucas… and Disney) that I was told not to have this story and share it… I’M SUCH A REBEL!! 😉😉💖🍻😂 I had my young girl heart crushed when I was told be George Lucas’ assistant that it was copyright infringement. Lol!!
      I’m very critical of my writing and stopped actually trying to be an author becauee everything I wrote sounded like everyone else, because I read too much!! I couldn’t see to find my own voice.


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