Star Wars-The Battle at Yavin Part 3

Well, I’m sorry I’m late with my continuation of my wonderful Star Wars story written when I was 12 years old. I had some issues with my PDF scanner trying to get it on my computer! I know that you were all SO DISAPPOINTED that you had to wait!! Ha ha!


You’ll notice a different name on this post. We’ll, I found my title page and that’s apparently what I named this masterpiece!

If you missed the beginning of this tale and you’re brave enough to catch up feel free to here



And, on we go!


The Millennium Falcon touched down on the landing pad in front of the temple and lowered the ramp. Leia had a bad feeling tugging at her ever since she had received the call from Luke asking her to come immediately and as she walked up to the meeting room, Han and Chew a ca flanking her, her stomach knotted with fear.

She was met at the door by two young Jedi trainees,

“We’ll bring you to Master Skywalker now Counsellor Organa, ” one of them said. She was a young girl with red hair in an old Datjomirian style and a red lizard hide tunic. Leia had seen the girl with her children more than once, but couldn’t recall her name. She remembered the girl’s parents Teneniel and Isolder Djo. Studying the girl she figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to inquire, since she looked as though she was taking up her mother’s Dathomir heritage.

“Leia, Han, so glad you could come!” Luke said standing up from his seat at the table as Leia and Han walked through the door. When Leia got a clear view of him she had to force herself not to gasp. He looked sleep deprived, weak and rumpled, and it was almost the worst she had ever seen him.

“Do I really look that bad?” he asked with a tired smile.

“N-n-no!” Leia stammered, but it was no use. He could sense her feelings no matter how hard she tried to keep them.

The pity for Luke’s condition must have showed, for he burst out laughing.

“Now, don’t feel sorry. I’ve been in worse shape and you should know it!”

His eyes turned serious and motioned for them to sit down,

“Well, I guess I should get to the point of my asking you here.” he said, his voice solemn,

“Well,you know how I told you about The Eye of Palpatine,” he said slowly, “and I told you about Cray…” his voice trailed off,

“Yes?” Leia prodded gently, she knew this was a touchy subject for him and brought back some bad memories,

“well….Cray is alive.” He finished bluntly.

Han, who had been silent through the whole conversation had to struggle to keep his mouth from falling open,

“Hey kid, I’m sorry to bring this up but, didn’t Cray give her life for Calista?” he asked lightly.

“Well, yes. I guess she didn’t give her whole self to Calista, just some of her mind… That must explain why Calista didn’t get the Jedi powers, Cray must have them!”

“Hey now! Slow down! I don’t want you getting your hopes up too high. I mean, this is a pretty unlikely theory Luke.” Han said, raising his hands in defense, but Luke wasn’t listening. His eyes were shining, and he turned to look at Leia,

“I have to find her!” Luke said, a note of exasperation in his voice,

“I understand,” Leia whispered soothingly, “but I don’t understand what all of this has to do with me.”

Luke looked at her in amazement, probably surprised the she hadn’t figured it out yet.

“Well Leia, while I’m gone…” his voice trailed off and his eyes met Leia’s with a pleading look. Leia suddenly caught on to what he wanted,

“No way Luke! I’m needed back on Coruscant! Why not ask one of your more experienced Jedi?” she asked, amazed that he would even suggest such a thing.

“Come on Leia, it’ll only be for a little while!” Luke pleaded,

“No Luke, you know I can’t do this!”

She looked over at Luke who poked tired, his face was as hen and he looked totally defeated and realized he had her caught. Why does he have to be so good at that? She asked herself silently. She knew she had no choice,

“Fine. I’ll do it. ”

Han hated it when they did this to him. He felt as though he was listening to half of a conversation, so he finally asked,

“will somebody please fill me in on what is going on?!”

Luke and Leia turned around and stared at him as if they had just remembered he was there. Han was about to ask his question again when Luke broke into a grin and replied,

“Leia just VOLUNTEERED…” Leia threw him a dirty look, “ok. I begged her, but Leia just AGREED to teach my class while I’m away.”

“What?!” Han asked in surprise and disbelief, “Leia” He turned to her.

“It’s true Han, I have to help! It’s my job!” She looked quietly at him, “Anyway, it will give me some time with the children.” Han was beginning to realize that Luke wasn’t fully at fault for this, it was also Leia. He knew how she must be feeling, she had such a connection with them that sometimes he was even jealous at the way they would sometimes leave him out of their Jedi ways,

“Fine then, I’m staying with you.” He answered firmly,

“No,” She countered, “You have to take my place on the Council f or a while, they need your help on Coruscant. I will go back just t o get s ome things, then I will be leaving and Anikan will stay with Winter.” Han began to mutter angrily under his breath knowing that there was no use in arguing, because he had already lost. When Leia had her mind set on something it stayed there and there was no changing it.


Back on Coruscant Han stared around the now empty feeling room wondering how he could put up with this for even a little while. Chewie had gone for a visit to Kashyyk and wouldn’t be back for at least a couple of weeks so he was on his own.

He wandered around aimlessly for a bit and found himself at a local cantina . As he sat at a booth and began sipping the Corellian ale he had ordered he heard a voice speak up behind him, “Hey old buddy! Didn’t expect to find you here.” Han knew who the voice belonged to even before turning around,

”Lando, what are you doing here? I thought you were still on Knoll!” Lando Callarisian, the man who always seemed to show up when things were getting tough, sat down in front of him,

“Taking a little vacation and decided to stop on Coruscant and see how my friends in high places were doing !” “You mean your friend in high places” He said skeptically .

“Whadaya mean?” Lando asked couriously, ” Where’s the family?”

“All on Yavin 4. The kids, you know, are training there and Leia is taking over the job of Master as Luke goes on a little mission.” he replied boredly,

“Feel like a vacation?” Lando asked curiously, “I was just heading down to the Nyrror system for one of my own.”

“Why the Nyrror stystem? ” Han asked suspsiously.

”Okay! so I want to do a little business while I’m down there . All the better! I can do my business and you can just relax for a while, “He paused  o look over at Han, “How about it?”

Han thought it over and realized he had no other offers except … “Well … Leia did ask me to take over her duties” He said slowly. “Well, I’m sure she didn’t mean take over he duties, that’s not your line of work . ”

“Yeah,” Han agreed, “You’re right! I could just ask Mon Mothma to take over for a couple of days , and if she did really need some help she could always call. ” Han remarked, “Yeah. I think I will take you up on that offer.”


“So you were about to explain to me why we just have Lady Luck for our little gettaway vacation. ” Han said sourly.

Lando looked around the hanger searching for his ship, and his explanation,

“Well, you see, it’s because ever time I go somewhere with you I always seem to end up in the middle of some kind of Imperial entanglement but with my ship maybe they wouldn’t recognize you.” He stammered realizing that was the best thing he could come up with.

“Yeah right, they’d recognize your ship just as fast as they would recognize mine, and plus yours doesn’t even have any weaponry.”

“But my ship has good shielding because it has to get through the heat on Knoll!” Lando called in exasperation . The note in Lando’s voice must have been what caught Han’s attention because he stopped and turned around , looking at his friend more closely for the first time since they had met up. Han noticed something weird about his friend, he stood rigid and fidgeting and every once i n a while glancing a round nervously as if checking to see that he wasn’t being followed .

“Hey Lando! Calm down! ” He conveyed, “What’s up buddy?” Han was becoming concerned at the way his friend looked,

“Han . .. I’m in trouble.” He said quietly.”

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    1. Oh. My little girl writing style was very Dan Brown…. Short chapters and a cliffhanger at the end of every one of them… HA HA!! So, I hope you can put up with it! 😂😂 It makes me laugh because this writing style annoys me SO MUCH now! 🤣🤣 I can’t believe how much I knew about Star Wars. Most of the characters in this book are based off the “Young Jedi Knights” series based off Han and Leia’s children, and “children of the Jedi” which was one of my favourite extended universe novels in which Callista (a Jedi who gave her life to stop the Destroyer “the Eye of Palpatine”) has been stuck in a computer for many years. This computer is now failing and she and Luke make an immediate connection… But, can love conquer all?? You’ll have to read the book to find out!! … Although my story does contain some spoilers on that one, I must say!! 😅😉

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  1. At 12 you already do things that most writers struggle with and that is the ending to the chapters. I always hear that you don’t want to give your reader a chance to take a break so with chapter endings you have to keep them on the line wanting more lol.


    1. Ha ha! Thank you! 💖💖 It was at 12, so ignore any errors. I didn’t proof-read and, apparently, neither did my teacher who, by the markings, stopped reading about 7 pages in! 😂😂 But, I still got a perfect mark!! 😉

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