Music Monday-Who Did it Better?Radioactive

Hello all! Welcome to another Music Monday Hosted by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek

Well, Now to announce last weeks winner. The Stand off was for “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” Who did it better, The Beatles (Aka, George Harrison), or Jeff Healey? Well, we had a write in vote for Santana ……………



Well, I thought of adding Santana right off, but I will admit right here… this was my least favourite of the three! Ha ha! I LOVE Santana! But, I thought this focused more on the singer they had for this version and Santana’s guitar playing almost seemed secondary, her vocals were also a little too mellow for me. If I’m going to go mellow, I would go the original Beatles version of this song (THAT’S JUST ME, DON’T HATE ME!!!)

I LOVE that you all got so into last week, and I hope we can continue to enjoy and debate musical tastes!! I absolutely don’t care about people questioning or debating my musical tastes, because that is what music is all about!

On to this week now!! Who did it better??


First, the original

Imagine Dragons



The Gregory Brothers


I don’t think there are any other versions of this song, but if there are WRITE THEM IN!! Otherwise, give me your vote in the Comments below and tune in next week for the winner!!


48 thoughts on “Music Monday-Who Did it Better?Radioactive

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      1. Ha ha! Oh, my wonderful all-knowing Genie, I have a post ready to go out tomorrow asking if anyone has future requests for stand-offs! I have a TON for the future still. But, I love that everyone seems to be enjoying this as much as me and would love to get more people involved!

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  1. Wow – I finally wound up in the majority with Santana – that’s oddly encouraging. 😉

    On Radioactive – again for me – no question – Imagine Dragons – amazing band. I loved the theme they did for – I think – the 2012 League Of Legends World Championship – Warriors.



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    1. Ha ha!! Well, continue to vote, because you never know when you’ll be in the majority!! Any ways you look at it, it’s still good fun!! 😂😂 I’ve been trying to do an easier, fun one every other week so people don’t get frustrated with difficult choices… Although, I love the Gregory Brothers version of this song!! 😉💖

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      1. Thanks and I will – this really is good fun and a great way to mix it up – just like Friday Farside.

        There was a reveal in that last comment. I was considered – for several years – to be one of the world’s worst League Of Legends players – at least according to my son – he eventually just refused to play with me. 😆

        Yes – I am a recovering gamer – clean for almost 8 months now. 😉



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      2. Well, maybe you should be checking out my Game On! Saturday posts, so I can change that!! 😂😂 There’s no such thing as a “recovering gamer” that’s just a gamer who needs to find a new game!! 😉😅

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  2. Nope…I voted for the Beatles too (at least I think I did, ugh getting old, total brain freeze here lol 😂).
    For this one I’m going with Imagine Dragons (and I will be sure to make a note of it, so I won’t forget it next week) 😂😂

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    1. Ha ha! You did indeed go with the Beatles! But, to be fair, I believe you voted before Santana became official (…. Although, I will divulge that Santana is actually my least favourite of the 3! Lmao!! I am the minority… I love Santana, but I really don’t think he played as well as usual.) SORRY EVERYONE! 😘

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  3. At first I thought the Gregory Brothers edition was completely awful but it grew on me by the end 😂😂

    Of the two, I still have to give my vote to Imagine Dragons tho!

    My favorite version of this song is actually the Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling cover!


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