But, I Digress…. How to Be the Best!

Don’t you love it when you look through your drafts on WordPress and you see some random note that you made for yourself?? Well, this was one of them!

Do you think I’m going to tell you HOW to be the Best???


fooled you.gif



I’m here to ASK you how to be the best!!

And, I’m going to make it short and sweet! (…yes, REALLY!)


How do people wake up and thing they’re the best at something? What is the mind frame people are in to think this?

I do stuff that I love and I think..



I understand that I’m pretty good at whatever it is. I enjoy it. But hell, I’m a realist. There’s probably someone out there in the world who is better at whatever it is than I am. It’s just common logic.

Then, there are the people out there who wake up and just think,

fucking tight.gif

Believe me, I’ve met them!

They are the people who go into that interview and think “I’m going to get this job because…well, why wouldn’t I?? I’M THE BEST!!”

Or, “I’m THE BEST at…. *insert verb here*”

Is there someone out there who can give me the secret to this frame of mind? Someone who can tell me how to be the Best? What are the Tips and Tricks to waking up and thinking “Today is going to be an awesome day, because I’M AWESOME!” As opposed to being riddled with insecurities? 

Is there something you’re the Best at?? Let me know in the comments section! 



54 thoughts on “But, I Digress…. How to Be the Best!

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  1. I’ve never found anything I’m insanely good at, but I saw a quote that makes me feel better about it – I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome. I think just about everyone’s self-confidence varies from day to day. Have a great week, Nicole!

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    1. Ha ha!! I was going to say that I was the Best at loving YOU!! 😂 You’re definitely the Best at being my interweb wife!
      All the time! Ha ha! You’re right… I can’t think and do other things at the same time. These are the weird thoughts that keep me up at night! 😅🤣

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  2. I’ve always been big into self improvement and I’ve come to the conclusion that to help those around us it’s our civic responsibility to maximize our potential.
    Im not the best , but i do work with top shelf talent plus my mother and father sacrificed alot for my siblings and I to get an education .
    So im stuck between working hard to make my fam proud and working hard to keep up with a group of overachievers.

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  3. Id be worried if I didn’t have insecurities.
    We probably will always have insecurities but we can change the way we deal with and face them.
    Start slow 5-10 minutes in the morning . I use the Insight timer app

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      1. Well its not like turning off a light bulb , think of it like bull riding stay on and focus on your breathing as long as possible!

        Staying focused on the breath is difficult because of the of the chattering monkey in our head . Once you start to focus on your breath for a few seconds, your mind will be off and running: thinking about what you want for dinner, the bills you need to pay, what happened to you today, funny YouTube videos, what you should be doing right now… Ect and why you are wasting your time meditating. The moment you start thinking about such things, you are no longer focused on your breathing. You cannot concentrate on both.

        But Don’t give up!!!! This is always happens when you try a new skill.. It is a natural part of the meditation. Stay with it. When you notice yourself thinking about things, just observe those thoughts, take note, plan to explore any interesting ideas later, and then gently bring yourself back to the breathing

        Think of it like doing a mental push up or curl up when you bring your thoughts back to breathing.

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      2. You’ve got a nerdy dude rooting for your success!
        Sit on a pillow and focus on breathing for 5 Minutes!
        Do it and I’ll read Mermaid Erotica and blog about it

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      3. “Contact between merfolk and humans is forbidden and the punishment is banishment or death. Unfortunately for the young mermaid Nadia, something being forbidden never stopped lust. 

        Nadia has watched the human Dr. Benjamin Grey every chance she’s had, her hunger for him going far beyond any desire a merman could stir. When a sudden storm throws Ben into the sea, she discovers he’s far more tempting up close.

        Is slaking her thirst for him worth risking everything she knows? And once she’s had a taste, can she possibly swim away?”

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  4. I have no idea how people ever have this mind set. While I know I’m good at some things, okay at others, not so crash hot at others, I don’t think I would ever consider the idea that I’m the best at something because realistically that is very unlikely. Yet, as you say, some people have absolute confidence that they are the best at something.
    That said, I kind of feel that believing you are the best at something limits further growth because you are hardly going to be working to improve something you are already the best at.

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    1. YES!!! Maybe my parents stunted me from thinking I was the Best because they taught me that there’s “always room for improvement”…. How could there be if I was the Best?? If I was the Best it would be like *dust off hands* PEACE OUT! Lol!
      You are now the Best at having amazing reason. ❤️❤️😙

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      1. Thanks for that.
        Yeah, my parents always took the ‘always room for improvement’ approach so that probably does explain why I don’t think anything is ever perfect and I don’t ever think I’m the best. Still, I don’t kick myself either. I know what my strengths are and what I can do well.

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  5. Hey Bookworm! You are the best with imagination, the best at smiling, the best at laughing, you are the best at choosing wines, you are the best at being company for me, you are the best at fun, you are the best at smartness, you are the best at music (especially that you inspired the Hardware Song, also called The Ball-peen Hammer Song), you are the best at blogging, and the best at teaching me about technology, and you are the best at staying close to my heart, and so much more that you are the best at. And you are the best middle daughter I ever had (LOL). I love you!

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  6. I just had to read the comments because I NEED the secret too😂😂 I do think you are the best at pairing books with alcohol and at being funny, I always enjoy reading your posts 😁❤

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  7. You’re the absolute best cocktail making bookworm out there! I know what you mean but confidence confidence confidence and when you don’t have it…. fake it til you make it!!! I see those ppl too and i think, “I love that you’re so sure the best, but I’m better too 😉 “

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  8. I too was reading the comments for insight. I am almost post-study, contemplating emigrating to a different continent and general job-seeking territory so I definetly wonder how people get the confidence to make life-decisions, but then again maybe nobody has.

    It is all a matter of perspective though. So often people wonder at my confidence and internally I’m like: me dude, not even close. But then what does it matter if people think you’re cool and have your act together. Use that perception to believe you’re good enough and if that does not work this alway helps me ‘fake my way through life’.

    Fake it till you believe you made it, is probably a better quote than fake it till you make it. Most people are doing WAY better than they think and imposter syndrome is a real thing.

    And how much does it even matter if you are the best or not when you can do what you want? I hope this rant makes sense btw, I am too tired and messed up to edit :-p. Wanted to comment anyhow though cause I’m happy to get back into blogging.

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    1. Oh, I understand completely! (and I LOVED that you used razzle dazzle as a conveyance!) I’m way too awkward to “razzle dazzle” anyone. Apparently I just don’t have the gift for the gab. I’m a super socially awkward human being… I just don’t know how to deal with other human beings…
      You are the Best quilter and cross stitcher!! So happy to see you back, and I hope you enjoyed your time away! ❤️❤️🍻

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      1. Aw that’s kind of you to say :-). Maybe it is enough when people believe you are the best at something despite what you think yourself? That is what I meant with razzle dazzle them. if people decide to believe in you, USE THAT :-D. You are supergood at dealing with human being in your blog 🙂 I really admire the engagement you have with people here. Maybe the written word is more your thing and not the stupid real world?

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      2. Ha ha ha!!! 😂😂 Me?? Good with human beings?!? I think that is honestly the NICEST (and craziest) thing anyone’s EVER said to me!! ❤️❤️
        I agree, though. It’s defintitely easier to think highly of yourself if other think highly of you! Positive reinforcement really helps for self confidence! 😊


      3. Well youre good with your blog. There are different ways of dealing with people and blogging is definetly your niche. And yes we need that. So thanks again for your compliment as well

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