Happy National Screwdriver Day!!


So, It’s National Screwdriver Day today!! Why is it in December?!?!   ….I DON’T KNOW!  I actually tried to do some research into this, to no avail. I assume it’s because, at this time of year who doesn’t need to bolster their day before work or  Holiday shopping with a nice healthy breakfast of some Orange Juice…. and a LITTLE VODKA!

I wish I could have gotten this out earlier to catch you all before you headed out (Or maybe I’m sending this to you in the middle of the night where you are and I will catch you before Breakfast and the rest of your busy day) But, I thought the best thing to go with this wonderful drink would be some calming words of wisdom…

Don't Sweat

To keep you all sane (and me, as I am about to head into my busy day..) a few quotes while you drink! For those of you who don’t know a Screwdriver….WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! But I’ll forgive you and let you in on the secret:


  • Orange Juice
  • Vodka to taste… I won’t give you an amount or you all may stop reading! ;p


  1. Grab a glass and add some ice
  2. Add Vodka and then OJ (Mixes better this way and you can always tweak it later!)
  3. CHEERS!!

Now, feel free to make one for yourself before proceeding! Again, I’ll wait…. Patience, as they say, IS a virtue! Go on now! …..

Ok, on with the soothing Quotes for the day. Deep breathes and feel free to put on some soothing music.

Becoming More Patient:

“Becoming more patient involves opening your heart to the present moment, even if you don’t like it. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, late for an appointment, opening to the the moment would mean catching yourself building a mental snowball before your thinking got out of hand and gently reminding yourself to relax. It might also be a good time to breathe as well as an opportunity to remind yourself that, in the bigger scheme of things, being late is “small stuff”.

Lower Your Tolerance to Stress:

“There is an inviolable law in our emotional environment that goes something like this: Our current level of stress will be exactly that of our tolerance to stress. You’ll notice that the people who say, “I can handle lots of stress” will always be under a great deal of it! So,  if your teach people to raise their tolerance to stress,  that’s exactly what will happen. They will accept even more confusion and responsibility until again, their extreme level of stress matches that of their tolerance. Usually it takes a crisis of some kind to wake up a stressed-out person to their own craziness-a spouse leaves, a health issue emerges, a serious addiction takes over their life-something happens that jolts them into a search for a new kind of strategy.”

Breathe Before you Speak:

“The strategy itself is simple. It involves nothing more than pausing-breathing-after the person to whom you are speaking is finished. At first, the gap between your voices may seem like an eternity-but in reality, it amounts to only a fraction of a second in actual time. You will get used to the power and beauty of breathing, and you will come to appreciate it as well. It will bring you closer to, and earn you more respect from, virtually everyone you come into contact with. You’ll find that being listened to is one of the rarest and most treasured gifts you can offer. All it takes is intention and practice.”

Hopefully these little quotes, and the vodka, brightened your day and you will breathe a little easier today and realise that everyone is stressed, so let’s not take it out on others when we’re all in the same boat!


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